Why Choose Laser Spine Surgery For Back Pain

Spine Surgery For Back PainEventually people who suffer from back pain reach a point in their lives when they are willing to do just about anything to end the pain. The next step becomes deciding what type of surgery to undergo. Laser spine surgery has become a very popular choice for most patients in outpatient centers and spine clinics.

Depending on the type of pain that you suffer from you may be a good candidate for laser spine surgery. Typically surgery is required if you suffer from “chronic” pain that lasts for six months or longer. Some professionals view surgery with a laser as being more effective and efficient than the more traditional surgical minimally invasive spine surgery.

Some have a misconception that when a laser is used there is no incision. This is not true however because the surgeon uses the laser to cut instead of the traditional scalp. The laser is used to remove any of the required soft tissues. At times this type of surgery is used in conjunction with only invasive techniques. Are you considering back surgery in atlanta?

The incisions are small and are made around the appropriate area allowing the surgeon to insert the laser. The small incision produces a smaller scar and allows the patient to heal quicker.

Be sure to keep in mind that not all insurance companies are willing to cover this type of surgery. Because of this, check with your provider first before moving forward with your decision. Always discuss all your options as a patient as well as the risks involved for any surgical procedure for proceeding with your decision.

Living with chronic back pain can be debilitating and affect your quality of life. Making an informed decision with your doctor about laser spine surgery is your first step in achieving a pain-free quality life.

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