Preventing Neck Pain: Five Ways To Feeling Better

Five Ways To Feeling Better

Neck pain can interfere with nearly everything you need to get accomplished in a day. Here are five helpful ways to prevent it.

1. Maintain better posture: Back, neck, shoulder and hip pain are all exacerbated by poor posture. In fact, improper posture can be the cause of your body aches in the first place. Sit up straight with both feet on the floor if you work at a desk all day, and be sure to get up and stretch frequently.

2. Try a cervical pillow: Generic pillows aren’t designed to accommodate your neck the way cervical pillows are. Fortunately, a lot of specialized pillows are very economically priced and readily accessible wherever you buy bedding.

3. Be careful lifting: It’s hard to stop and think about your body position when you’re in the middle of doing things, but it will help you avoid straining the neck muscles. Avoid straining with your upper body, instead focusing on the strength in your legs as you lift.

4. Don’t sleep on your side: When you lay down on your side, the neck is tilted in an awkward way and this can lead to pain by morning. Try sleeping on your back for best results; if you just can’t adjust to that position, invest in a pillow that will provide adequate neck support.

5. Strengthen neck muscles with exercise: Many yoga poses help you work neck muscles in a manner gently on your body. Check with your physician first if you suffer with serious pain anywhere in your body. Ask about neck-specific exercises to help support your head, as they will work to prevent aches and pains.

Why put up with pain if you really don’t have to? Take these steps, and others recommended by your doctor, to prevent the pain that makes even the little things in life difficult.

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